Sunday, July 25, 2010

Quick Thoughts From Limuru

Hello All! I am having an absolutely amazing time in Kenya. I have a jam-packed schedule for the next four days and then I will be on my way back to the States. I thought I would take a little break from writing/researching and give you a little update- bullet point style.

- Skinner: The Kenyans love saying my last name. Almost every time they see me they yell, "Mike Skiiiinnnnnaaaaa!!!" It's pretty amusing.

- Felix: This is the firstborn of Linus (see picture)- the deputy principal at Kenya Baptist Theological College.

- Students: I should say friends. I love them so much - and they are going to do big things in the world. We have had a blast digging into the General Epistles and I have been honored to have many meals and cups of tea with them.

- Tea: Kenyans drink as much tea as possible. Seriously. Every meal - and multiple tea times during the day. And let me tell you, it is amazing. I'm planning on bringing a bunch back to the States.

- Resources: They have very little. Most I have met are either in legitimate poverty or seriously struggling and barely making things work. We have so many - we must share and support.

- Sugar Cane: On the side of the road in
Limuru, they have wheelbarrows of sugar canes
(see picture) - you can buy one and they cut it up for you. You chew it like an apple, pure sugar comes out in liquid perfection, and you spit out the fibery, stringy remains. It is easily one of my favorite snacks ever. It is supposed to be good for you too. If not, don't tell me otherwise!

- Hollywood: Tomorrow (Monday), HaMoreh is hiring a camera-woman to follow me around as I teach and preach and to do an interview. I am told I will be given the footage.

Love you all! More soon!

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