Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Brother's Baptism

On March 7, I had the privilege of baptizing my little brother Brandon. So I found a guest speaker, took the Sunday off, and headed over to my parent's church to perform the baptism. Here is a short little video I put together to remember the event. Enjoy!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Has It Been a Year?

One year ago, in June of 2009, I took a week-long break from my duties as Lead/Teaching Pastor at Fc3 and headed up to Camp Blessing (then called Camp Barnabas), a summer camp for kids with special needs in Magnolia, Texas. It was a risky move. I had been Pastor for about 6 months and had never been away from the church for that long. I knew no one at this camp and very little about it. I had practically no experience working with severely disabled kids. But I loved camp, wanted an unforgettable experience, and wanted to meet Jesus through selfless love and service. I did.

I've told the story often, the one involving an autistic boy, Spencer, who loves toilets, light-switches, and swinging. The story about a closeness with Christ achieved only when any semblance of self-concern or care disappears in the light of a greater need and purpose. The story of a great organization that Fc3 has had the privilege of partnering with in a small way. The story of an awesome family, the Eichenbergers, who I have had the privilege of getting to know over the past year.

The story continues tomorrow morning as I head back to Camp Blessing for another week. I will be taking two good friends with me, Adam McIntire and Zach Selindh, to share the experience with them. Spencer will be there, as will his older brother. All signs are pointing to a great week. Pray for Adam and Zach. Pray for me. Pray for Camp Blessing. And when I get back, no doubt different from the experience, I will tell you all about it! Until then, much love.