Tuesday, September 14, 2010


According to the prophet Micah, these three verbs stand at the center of what God requires from us as believers. Do justice - be committed to other people's good; Love kindness - fall in love [be consumed, overtaken] with mercy and grace and sacrificial love; Walk humbly with your God - return God's affection for you with passionate and intense affection for him.

Over the next 90 days, a large group of us at Fc3 have made a commitment to do something tangible each day for our walk with Christ and our relationships with the people around us. For me, this looks like intentional prayer each day and a handful of pre-meditated acts of kindness. For others it will look different. Whether you go to Fc3 or you just should go to Fc3 (insert winky face here), you are welcome to join us.

What would happen if we stopped playing religious games and started living out a changed heart and life? We'll let you know over the next 90 days.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Video From Kenya!

I wanted to share with you guys a short clip of some of my students from Kenya. One day, between classes, we were messing around with my FlipCam and I decided to ask a few of them "If you could say one thing to America, what would it be?" I was surprised and amused by their answers. For one, they seemed to take it really seriously (I think they might have thought it could end up on MTV or something) and they also gave me a lot of praise (I promise it wasn't planned!). Enjoy!