Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dreaming Big in 2010!

I love celebrating the New Year- I have ever since I was a little kid. The chance to reflect on the past year, the prospect of new beginnings, and the potential of the coming year all come together to create a very unique and special time of the year. As a Jesus-lover, I think that the celebration of the New Year can be a very powerful time in the believer's life.

The normal way to express this would be to talk about the various sins that you would like to conquer through Christ's grace this next year or the various spiritual disciplines that you would like to put on this next year. Both of these things are great and life-giving- even possibly life-changing! But what I want to challenge you with this morning is a simple exhortation for the new year: Dream Big!

Let your imagination run completely wild with what God might accomplish in and through you during this next year! If there is one thing we can learn from our sacred Scriptures, it is that God seemingly relishes the chance to flex his muscles and display his glory beyond our wildest dreams. So I am dreaming. And I am dreaming big. I am dreaming about a new year with an unimaginable closeness to Christ. I am dreaming about a year in which Christ works in a ridiculously powerful way through Fc3. I am dreaming about a larger speaking ministry which would allow Christ to reach more people through me.

What have you been afraid to imagine? Are you dreaming big for 2010? Comment and share!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

10 Things That Increase My Love for Christ: #6- Praying with Friends

In case you have forgotten the premise of this series- I am unpacking 10 of the things that historically stir up my affections for Jesus. I’ve talked so far about music, sermons, ministry, books, and even sleeping- but today I want to talk about a communal act that almost always increases the amount of joy I have in Christ: praying with dear friends.

I first experienced the power of corporate (2+) prayer when I was a new Christian in high school and would pray in the mornings with a teacher/mentor of mine, Tony Slate. Up until that point, my few attempts at praying throughout my life had always been individually- but there is something deep and stirring that occurs when you approach the throne of God with a loved brother or sister in Christ.

Not only am I personally benefited by the act of praying with a friend, but I have found that it is an incredibly effective community-builder. Deep relationships and committed friendships often have hours of prayer in the foundation. My encouragement to you: Pray with your family or friends this week! Seek Christ together- the journey will be richer and more fulfilling!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

I'm back and better than ever!!

Hey friends!

Like Zechariah after the angle Gabriel sealed his mouth shut- I have had some time away from this blog to gather my thoughts, focus on Fc3 stuff, and finish a tough semester. But, I am back- and plan on finishing my series about the 10 things that increase my love for Christ!

Also coming in the future- some thoughts on my future sermon series at Fc3! Pictures of my awesome new apartment! Exciting plans for the summer (exotic traveling!!)!!!

Thanks for waiting for me. Love you all, my readers.